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Thunder Power Adrenaline Series 1300mah 4s 80c


Thunder Power Adrenaline Series 1300mAh 4s 80c LiPo Battery (XT60)

Mr Steele recently decided to switch his main flight packs to these Thunder Power Adrenaline Series because they are able to provide consistent power throughout the entire duration of the pack, and not just at the beginning of the flight.

Thunder Power doesn’t take shortcuts when it comes to LiPo pack production. Made with some of the highest quality cells available, with high percentages of pure lithium, you truly get what you pay for with these Lipos in power and endurance. This 1300mAh 4s 80c LiPO battery packs a ton of power in a compact form factor, giving you the flight time and power you need on your craft.


  • weight: 150 grams
  • capacity: 1300mAh
  • voltage: 4S (14.8 volts)
  • C rating: 80C constant, 160C burst
  • max charge: 8C
  • size: 73mm (L) x 38mm (W) x 34mm (H)
  • connectors: XT-60, JST-XH
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11 Reviews

Rick Apr 10th 2017

Sorry, but I cannot recommend this battery.

I purchased 3 based on a Mr. Steel Video and I know lots of people like this pack, but for me all 3 packs were done in 2 months! Honestly, my Turnigy Multi-Stars lasted longer than these packs. My Pulse and Tattu R-Lines are much better.

Phil loder Mar 15th 2017

Thunderpower 1300 mA 4s

Bought 6 to try, ordering more this week. Great power, well made, low resistance, love the balance connector pocket. Nice power to weight ratio. Old Fart Recommended!!

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