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VAS ION 5.8GHz Antenna

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VAS 5.8GHz ION Antenna (RHCP)

The brand new ION antenna from Video Aerial Systems is the highest gain omnidirectional 5.8GHz antenna on the market today, with a near perfect axial ratio. After 6 months of research and design, VAS developed at a manufacturing process for the ION antenna that offered high performance and durability at an affordable price! Fully assembled in Virginia, USA, each ION Antenna is thoroughly tested several times and QC’d before leaving the factory, to ensure full customer satisfaction.

Due to the high gain of this antenna, it's better suited to fly around the sides of the receiving antenna rather than above it. For best performance, mount the antenna at an angle, so that it sits fairly vertical when in forward flight.


  • Weight: 8.2 grams
  • Polarization: RHCP
  • Gain: 2.5 dBic
  • Axial Ratio: 0.88
  • Cable: Semi Rigid
  • Connector: SMA


  • 1x VAS Ion 5.8GHz RHCP FPV Antenna (SMA)
  • 1x VAS Finger Wrench
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1 Review

Mudflap Aug 21st 2017

VAS ION Antenna

I started out with the Immersion RC SpiroNET. I was pleased with the performance and durability, but I got sick of breaking those fragile little tops. I then tried the TBS Unify Antenna. I found it to be pretty much the same as the first, but without that stupid cap to break. I tried the ION because I liked its look and short profile, and I wanted to compare it to the other two. I really like it, it works well and has survived many crashes, but because of how short it is, I can't bend it to the best angle and it's pretty much just sticking straight out the back of my Le Drib Fusion. In the field, it seems to perform exactly like the Immersion RC and the TBS. It might perform better at a better angle, but I don't know. I think if you need something short and tiny, this antenna is great, and a little cheaper than the competition, but if it truly has higher gain than the other two, I can't tell the difference. I'll probably stick with the TBS, not because the ION is bad, but because the TBS wins in durability, and in my goggles, performs about the same.

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