XHover Stingy FPV Freestyle Frame


Durable Low Profile TrueX Freestyle Frame by StingersSwarm

Rotor Riot team pilot Kevin Dougherty - also known as StingersSwarm, or “Stingy” for short - has been working with XHover for more than a few months to design a new freestyle FPV frame that suited his needs. The design goal was to make a TrueX, Low Profile frame with a secure FPV camera mount, that could take the kind of abuse Stingy puts his quads through! After a lot of design iterations and testing, as well as a lot of teasing, it’s finally here - the XHover Stingy Frame!

If you’ve ever watched one of Stingy’s videos, you’ll know that the number one requirement for Stingy’s frames is durability. After all, every single gap has to be power looped - no matter if it’s made of wood, metal or concrete. And the quad has to survive all the necessary tries needed to nail the trick!

That’s why the XHover design crew chose to make the Stingy frame from 3K twill weave carbon fiber, with the 4mm thick arms sandwiched firmly between the 2mm main plate and a 1.5mm bottom plate. They also opted to chamfer the edges of the carbon fiber plates to reduce the risk of delamination! This makes the “Stingy” frame an optimal choice of airframe to attempt all those crazy stunts that you always wanted to do!


  • TrueX Motor Layout
  • Durable and Lightweight Design
  • 3K Twill Weave Carbon Fiber
  • Chamfered Plate Edges
  • Low Profile but Spacious Design 
  • Adjustable FPV Camera Mount
  • Top Mounted Battery
  • Exchangeable Arms
  • Titanium M3 Hardware
  • Weight: 110 grams


  • 1x 2mm Carbon Fiber Top Plate
  • 1x 2mm Carbon Fiber Main Plate with Press Nuts
  • 1x 1.5mm Carbon Fiber Bottom Plate
  • 2x 2mm Carbon Fiber Camera Plates
  • 4x 4mm Carbon Fiber Arms
  • 26x 8mm Titanium Button Head Screws
  • 8x 20mm Black Knurled Standoffs 
  • 1x 28mm Gunmetal Knurled Standoff
  • 1x Small Battery Strap 
  • 1x Medium Battery Strap 
  • 1x ESC Sticker Sheet
  • 4x Foam Landing Pads
  • 1x Rubberized Battery Pad
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23 Reviews

Kelly Ullrich Jan 9th 2018

Lacks durability!

Lasted one week. I broke two arms and the bottom camera brace flying over soft wet dirt. Since then, they beefed up the camera brace with hop-up parts. Both arms broke at the motor mount holes, too thin. Not durable, don't fly it any more, cannot recommend it.

Harry Dec 29th 2017

Love the flight feel but lacks a durability

I have a lot of issues with the bottom plate cracking and the hardware ripping out of the bottom. Only broke 1 arm but am constantly replacing hardware and retapping the threads in the screws in the bottom.

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