Anti-Vibration Standoffs

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  • Anti-Vibration Standoffs
  • Anti-Vibration Standoffs
  • Anti-Vibration Standoffs
  • Anti-Vibration Standoffs

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Rubber Anti-Vibration Standoffs for Flight Controllers

Soft mounting is all the rage nowadays, and it's been proven that soft mounting can improve your quads performance, allowing you to tighten the tune with less oscillations!

By mounting your Flight Controller on a set of these rubber standoffs, you'll prevent vibrations from a less-than-perfect motor or an abused propeller from reaching the highly sensitive gyro on the flight controller. Less vibrations means that you don't need to use heavy filtering, and you can raise your P gain a bit more enabling a tighter, snappier tune! Get soft mounted today!


  • 4x Rubber Anti-Vibration Standoffs for Flight Controllers
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6 Reviews

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    Posted by Michael Brown on Apr 10th 2018

    Like the screw openings on both ends.

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    Size of screws needed for stingy frame

    Posted by Kris on Dec 7th 2017

    I was thinking of getting the rubber vibration standoff’s for my stingy frame what size screws would I need to use these? Thanks

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    Best soft mounts

    Posted by J.Dahood on Nov 2nd 2017

    I've tried 3, or 4 different brands of FC soft mounts, and these are the best!
    other soft mounts use countersunk screw as the post, go google countersunk screw!
    The head is round with nothing for the rubber to grab, this lead to it spinning in the rubber.
    these haven't been dissected yet, and i don't want to. But the look like hex head, or maybe blind nuts to grip the rubber. Do yourself a favor and buy these, not something a dollar cheaper like I did on first build!

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    Anti Vibration Standoffs

    Posted by J Rubio Kamakaze on Oct 3rd 2017

    Gotta admit, I was skeptical these would work, being how small they are and how tough or dense the rubber looked in the photos. I was having the dreaded Yaw twitch with my current, and only quad. After trying everything, nothing was fixing it. I Blackboxed it and saw that these Emax Rs2205s's were putting out quite a bit of noise. So, I bought these to try and bam, after black box, noise was nearly non existent with just a little propwash noise to sort out. A simple dterm filter and the quad is flying GREAT! I will be purchasing these for all my future builds from now on. Thanks RotorRiot!

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    Great, if you are stacking.

    Posted by Sasquatch FPV on Aug 24th 2017

    I like these, don't get me wrong these work as intended. But, i wish they had a threaded post on one end. I am using these in my Stingy, and maybe I am using them wrong but the lack of a post on either end meant in order to secure my FC i had to put a standoff on top of this, or screw the FC to it instead of using good ol nylon hex nuts.
    Still they work well, I am just not sure I would use them again in a tight build.

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    Stand Offs

    Posted by OlManDuffy on Aug 7th 2017

    Ok so the back story on these. Trojan actually called up to ask RR what l durometer (real word folks) of rubber was used to make these stand offs because they provide more support than a step-father!

    No joke, these stand offs are just what you need under the FC ladies and gents. Perfect balance between too stiff and Jello. They seriously work awesome.

    Hell if I could get upper management to support me like these things I'd be a happy employee!
    P.s. Boss, if you're reading this I'm referring to an old job of course! ;-)

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