FatShark Dominator and Attitude Ultimate Fit Kit

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The Ultimate Fit Kit for the Fat Shark Dominator and Attitude series of goggles has everything needed for long term fit and comfort. The velcro is new and much better than the adhesive backed foam that came with the older models. When using those updated models, the foam will not come apart. It doesn`t bow up and compress as much as those old foam. It has a much better fit and foam than before.


  • Foam is easily removed and adjusted.
  • Include everything you needed for long term fit and comfort.
  • Works with all fat shark faceplate models, such as FSV2617, FSV2618.
  • Same as the set that comes with your goggles, you can wear through the set eventually.
  • This is the direct replacement in fatshark packaging.


  • 2x Thin foams
  • 2x Thick foams
  • 1x Vinyl-covered foam
  • 1x Velcro base for foam attachment
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