Heli-Nation Talon F4 20x20 FC

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  • Heli-Nation Talon F4 20x20 FC
  • Heli-Nation Talon F4 20x20 FC


Heli-Nation Talon F4 20x20 FC Flight Controller



  1. Direct 2-6S input.
  2. mpu6000 gyro
  3. Filtered 5V.
  4. Direct stack on xm+ rx
  5. Built in betaflight OSD.
  6. 4 in 1 ESC socket and direct solder on 4 in 1 ESC pads.
  7. Build in Camera control resistor and capacitor
  8. Anchor USB port, for more secure and durable
  9. Filtered 5V for camera, Vbat battery for VTX.
  10. Current sensor input from 4 IN 1 esc socket and Solder pad
  11. Inverter for Sbus (on UART1), Inverter for smartport telemetry(UART3)
  12. TX4(uart4) near VTX pads for easy Smart Audio or Tramp wiring
  13. TX6(uart6 ) and RX4 ( uart4 )
  14. Vibration dampening silicone grommets are compatible with BOTH M3 AND  M2 HARDWARE!  (Note: see pictures 2 and 3) 
  15. FW Target: CLRacing F4.bin 


Wiring diagram

NOTE: the white wire is current sense and the BLUE wire is ESC ground


1 esc cable

8 grommets

M3-M2 nut adapter

M3X5 stand off x4

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Additional Information

Mounting Pattern:
20 x 20
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