Hypetrain Riot Control Flight Controller

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  • Hypetrain Riot Control Flight Controller
  • Hypetrain Riot Control Flight Controller
  • Hypetrain Riot Control Flight Controller
  • Hypetrain Riot Control Flight Controller
  • Hypetrain Riot Control Flight Controller
  • Hypetrain Riot Control Flight Controller
  • Hypetrain Riot Control Flight Controller

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The Riot Control Flight Control Board was designed by the Rotor Riot pilots around components that have proven performance.


By placing the gyro in a soft-mounted case and also soft-mounting the board itself, this FC provides very clean signal for easy tuning and smooth flying. The layout of the board is organized with builds and repairs in mind, keeping related wires grouped together to eliminate unnecessary board crossing. 3 UARTs are available for your receiver, VTX telemetry, and other peripherals. This board features inverter jumper pads on UART 1 so it can be used both for inverted SBUS protocols as well as non-inverted protocols such as DSMX or CRSF. 9V power is supplied for your camera and VTX to ensure noise-free video.

We are proud to bring you a board that will deliver simple wiring and smooth flight!


  • Soft mounted gyro 
  • Soft mounted corner holes 
  • Intuitive solder layout 
  • 3 UARTs with a switchable inverter on UART 1 for SBUS
  • Integrated BF OSD
  • Breakout port for 4-in-1


  • IMU: MPU6000 (Soft-Mounted)
  • MCU: STM32F405
  • Mounting Pattern: 30.5 x 30.5




Riot Control Wiring Plan






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Additional Information

Mounting Pattern:
30.5 x 30.5
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15 Reviews

  • 5
    Best Flight controller!

    Posted by Donny on Dec 1st 2018

    This is by far the best flight controller I have used! Super high quality, super easy to build and set up. OSD on this FC is nice. The flight controller I received was defective so I contacted the awesome people at rotor riot and they sent me out a brand new flight controller without hesitation and I recieved it in 2 days. The one they sent me work perfectly. Thank you Rotor Riot! Keep up the great work!

  • 5
    5 Stars for Riot Control !

    Posted by Abyss9099 on Oct 5th 2018

    5 stars for Riot Control!
    By far one of the nicest FC's I've ever flown. It's feature rich from the ease of wiring and the built in OSD, to the included buzzer. I like that all I had to do was wire up my FPV cam to the board and I immediately have OSD. Just the fact that I don't have to add a separate board on the stack for OSD or a separate PDB was both a space saver and time saver. That alone is worth a purchase. It's also nice that Hypetrain included breakout cables for those that run 4 in 1 ESC's as well. That's innovation! This FC flies so buttery smooth and is super responsive. I can't say enough about this flight controller. The Riot Control FC is simply a MUST HAVE.

  • 5
    Great FC

    Posted by P.Robbins on Sep 23rd 2018

    So far I have it in 2 builds. Love the layout and the soft mounted gyro definitely makes a difference.

  • 4
    Hypetrain f4

    Posted by noah sharp on Sep 16th 2018

    Very nice board files super smooth on my setup but I seemed to have problems with my crossfire system. Swapped out all crossfire parts problem persisted. Other than that fantastic fc as long as you have room in your build. The gyro casing takes up a bit of space

  • 5

    Posted by J scale on Sep 4th 2018

    This is a great all in one FC .layout is perfect. pads are placed nicely.this is my first kwad build .thanks rotor riot

  • 4
    Great FC

    Posted by Leo Garcia on Aug 23rd 2018

    So far it's great, used it for 2 weeks on a 6s built and so far so good, will do push it more now, but easy to set up, instructions are great and also great job putting this online it's a amazing help to all.

  • 2
    DOA Flight controller?

    Posted by Eric on Aug 20th 2018

    The flight controller out of the package looks amazing, the layout is perfect in my opinion, but, after installing it and following all of the including instructions meticulously, the flight controller was unresponsive and only a single red led was powered on, the board was unresponsive. So I contacted Rotor Riot and they very promptly responded and are in the process of sending me a replacement. The “bad” board may have also fried 2 of my brand new 30a lumineer escs I just purchased as well, or those may have been doa too I don’t know. So I can’t really say how happy I am with the flight controller, I will know in a few days.

  • 4
    Hypetrain Riot Control

    Posted by AirborneFPV on Aug 13th 2018

    This is an awesome board. It's layout is exactly how I setup my qwads. Simple and easy. And I love the soft mounted gyro, Even tho its a mpu 6000, it still flies smooth as ever. Easy to setup in betaflight. Only cons would be the gyro not being completely level from the factory which is an easy fix. Also the esc ground pad is almost touching the boot button... but other than that it's awesome.. I own 2 now in my 5 inch qwads. Also rotor riot was awesome about sending me a replacement bc of the gyro. Thanks guys, y'all are great

  • 5
    Hypertrain Riot Control , Ohhh Ya, I like it

    Posted by Brian Butcher on Aug 2nd 2018

    I have been flying multi rotor for about 4 years and am the kind of guy that likes to try the latest, always in search of the best setup. I have been flying the Riot control for a couple weeks now and am really impressed. It has amazing power filtering on the video circuit the image has no lines or static at any throttle. Right away I felt the locked in control and smooth gyro response even with stock PIDS. . It has several Uarts and is easy to setup telemetry, smart audio, and lua script PID and VTX control. Set up was easy the Rotor Riot store has excellent manuals, instructions, wiring diagrams and links to help videos as well as a nice color instruction manual that comes with the board.
    Rotor Riot store cares about their customers I had some issues with one of these contollers and contacted customer service by email and in 2 days a new board showed up in my mail box. I was very impressed, Rotor Riot strives to be an icon in the industry and it shows by there customer service and quality assurance.

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