iCharger 406Duo

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  • iCharger 406Duo
  • iCharger 406Duo
  • iCharger 406Duo
  • iCharger 406Duo
  • iCharger 406Duo
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iCharger 406Duo

Going pro? To become a better pilot, you'll need to practice a lot. Lots of practice means lots of batteries, and lots of batteries means lots of charging! Fortunately the iCharger 406Duo has you covered. It's got plenty of power to charge dozens of flight packs at the same time. Among other handy features, it has custom charging presets, dual channels for charging convenience, a USB outlet for accessory/phone charging, and a tiltable color screen. The iCharger 406Duo is the perfect investment for serious FPV pilots.

Beastly Power, times 2

The iCharger 406Duo can charge at up to 40A per channel - that means each channel can fully charge 30 flight packs (1300mAh 4S) within an hour! Think of it as two chargers in one - you can set each channel up differently, to charge different kinds of batteries. For example, you can charge your flight packs on one channel and your FPV goggle batteries on the other channel. You can also combine both channels to get a massive 70 Amps of charging!

Watch Chad and Mr Steele discussing Parallel Charging here:


  • Maximum Charge Power: 1400W at >26V (1000W max. per channel)
  • Charge Current Range: 5mA - 40A per channel
  • Discharge Current Range: 5mA - 40A per channel
  • Balance Accuracy: 10mV
  • Input Voltage: 10 - 30V DC
  • Input Current: 60A (47A single channel maximum)
  • LiPo/LiIo/LiFe: 1S to 6S
  • Battery Setup Memories: 64 user presets
  • USB Charging Port: 5V , 1A (1.2A current limiting protection)
  • PC Connectivity: Mini USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: 171x118x59mm
  • Weight: 910g


  • 1200 - 1500W Power Supply, 10-30V
  • Parallel Charging Boards required to charge multiple batteries simultaneously


Never leave a LiPo charging unattended. Charging LiPo batteries is usually safe as long as quality equipment is used and correct charging procedures are followed, but due to the nature of LiPo batteries it's very important that you do not leave the charger unattended, especially in flammable environments.

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