ImpulseRC Reverb PDB OSD REV 1(Codelayer Wolf)

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  • ImpulseRC Reverb PDB OSD  REV 1(Codelayer Wolf)
  • ImpulseRC Reverb PDB OSD  REV 1(Codelayer Wolf)
  • ImpulseRC Reverb PDB OSD  REV 1(Codelayer Wolf)
  • ImpulseRC Reverb PDB OSD  REV 1(Codelayer Wolf)
  • ImpulseRC Reverb PDB OSD  REV 1(Codelayer Wolf)
  • ImpulseRC Reverb PDB OSD  REV 1(Codelayer Wolf)
  • ImpulseRC Reverb PDB OSD  REV 1(Codelayer Wolf)
  • ImpulseRC Reverb PDB OSD  REV 1(Codelayer Wolf)



The Reverb OSD PDB a.k.a ImpulseOSD a.k.a Codelayer Wolf is designed to work with both BetaFlight the excellent FLYDUINO KISS Flight Controller and KISS ESC (both v1 and v2 are supported). Although designed around the ImpulseRC Reverb frame, this OSD PDB will fit many frames already on the market, making it a great option to simplify your KISS build! 

The OSD PDB has a microphone with Automatic Gain Control built in. This allows for clean audio to be transmitted to the goggles, allowing you to hear the noise from the quad - and this can warn you of any possible issues with your quad while in the air.

Other features include PID adjustment with stick commands, TBS SmartAudio/Tramp Telemetry changes for video transmitters through the OSD, accessible through stick commands, as well as Camera Control to change camera settings. 

The ImpulseRC Reverb KISS OSD PDB is designed to be soft mounted, instead of being a structural element of the stack or frame. This reduces stress on the PCB internals, extending durability. 

Note: The ImpulseRC Reverb KISS OSD PDB is not directly compatible with the ImpulseRC Alien frames.


  • Supports KISS FC + KISS ESC's: Simplifies Full KISS Builds! 
  • Supports BetaFlight Flight Controllers as well!
  • OSD with Current, mAh, and Voltage display
  • Microphone with Automatic Gain Control


  • 1x Reverb OSD PDB + Microphone (ImpulseOSD aka Codelayer Wolf PDB Kit) 
  • 2x Jumper Cables with Connectors
  • (more items not yet defined)


Special thanks to Sean Blakemore, Alexander Wolf, Chad Nowak and the rest of the ImpulseRC team for the hard work they put into making this product as awesome as it is!



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5 Reviews

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    Posted by Eli Sol on Dec 27th 2018

    I finally built a pricey quad, with Kiss v1 and 24 amp escs incorporating this pdb, in a Reverb frame. very easy and clean build, I have (3) other quads and they’re all on betaflight, this is my first kiss build and I am very impressed with it!

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    wolf pdb

    Posted by brian mckinley on Dec 14th 2018

    works great with kiss v2 lots of features.

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    What I have been waiting for

    Posted by David Villasenor on Oct 6th 2018

    I wanted to move to KISS FCs but the lack of OSD always prevented me from doing so. Then Steele came out with his PDB OSD but it is proprietary to Alien frames and I fly Armattans (Prefer their design and the lifetime warranty) so I still had to wait. Then this was released and I adapted my KISS build to include this. So far it has been great. Easy setup and the application is very straight forward and easy to use. I like how this does not take up room in my stack. It lays on the frame (double sided tape included) and the standoffs (Rubber mounted ones included) go through the holes. It also simplifies the wiring to the KISS FC. My only complaint is that there is no full application for Mac. This will be included on all of my KISS builds.

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    Just wow!

    Posted by Brandon Overby on Aug 15th 2018

    To add some context, I have flown flight controllers with the Betaflight OSD, MinimOSD, and Butterflight OSD. I also have the Steele PDB which has the KISS OSD system installed. This PDB/OSD product is, hands down, the best I've ever used.
    One of the complaints I've had about other OSD's is that you need to be connected to a computer to make certain changes in the OSD - things like turning information on/off or moving icons around. Based on my use of this PDB/OSD, there is no feature which actually requires you to connect to a PC to fully utilize every feature in the OSD. It's clean, it's fast, and the image quality it passed through was incredibly clear. Amazing product - major kudos to Alex Wolf and ImpulseRC!

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    Not cheap but great

    Posted by Jakub on Aug 3rd 2018

    I was using rrosd for forever on my kiss setup, which is great but it can only provide 400mA of clean power to vtx. This one apparently can do 1A, so no capacitors with unify.
    Great product but definitely isolating the bottom from a frame is necessary as I had some coating imperfections on mine.

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