Pre-Built Alien RR5

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  • Pre-Built Alien RR5
  • Pre-Built Alien RR5
  • Pre-Built Alien RR5
  • Pre-Built Alien RR5
  • Pre-Built Alien RR5
  • Pre-Built Alien RR5

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Custom Built and Tuned RR5 Alien FPV Racing/Freestyle Quadcopter


Finally! After countless requests, heaps of planning and weeks of testing, we're proud to release an ARF quadcopter built, set up, and tuned by the Rotor Riot team!


(We also wrote this long-ass text to explain why you need to buy it now)


Meticulously designed


The RR5 Alien FPV Quadcopter is built on the perfectionist design work of Sean and Brian, the brains at ImpulseRC. Their tried and true frame design has made drone history. Multiple pilots have taken first place in races and freestyle events with “Aliens”, and the clever simplicity of the frame itself has inspired a multitude of similar frame designs. A true classic, the Alien design gets the stamp of approval at Rotor Riot.


Expertly planned


Quality components are essential to get reliable and trustworthy performance - ask any professional drone racer about that. The members of the Rotor Riot Team are constantly working with the leading drone part manufacturers to push the development of quality products forward. Our team has used their years of experience to carefully select the best components for the RR5 Alien FPV Quadcopter, ensuring competition-class performance for every single quadcopter we make.


Professionally assembled


Building an Alien is a work of love - and we make sure that no shortcuts are taken when it comes to assembly. All of our ARF quads are built by our team of drone experts. That guarantees that all of the soldering is performed by a skilled technician with the proper equipment. A lot of attention to detail goes into the build - every screw is tightened just the right amount! Too little and it would loosen over time, too much and it would strip the screw. Extreme care is taken to deliver a completed product without any scratches, imperfections or defects. 


Custom tuned and tested


Every quadcopter gets professionally tuned, thoroughly tested and put through its paces by our capable team prior to packaging and shipping. This ensures that each quadcopter performs to its fullest potential, and guarantees that it's free of any manufacturing defects.


A word of caution


This quadcopter is a beast (seriously, it’s got a lot of power) and it needs to be treated with respect. This is a sophisticated machine that requires more than basic knowledge of multirotors in order to have a pleasant experience. 


We at Rotor Riot would like to insist that you get your hands on a FPV quadcopter simulator, and practice a few hours on it before jumping into the real thing. It will speed up your learning process considerably and save you lots of $$$’s worth of repairs in the process.


Here are a few options for FPV quadcopter simulators (click them!):


This FPV quadcopter operates with Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries. Please read all safety and usage documentation for LiPo batteries before use in order to avoid injury, or damage to property or to the batteries.




This package contains a fully assembled Alien RR5 FPV Quadcopter, with the following selection of components:

  • 1x Alien RR5 5” Frame Kit
  • 1x Kiss Flight Control Board
  • 4x Kiss 24A ESCs
  • 4x Hypetrain Freestyle 2306 2450kv Motors
  • 1x FrSky X4R-SB RX w/ SBUS
  • 1x Rotor Riot Edition RunCam Swift 2 FPV Camera
  • 1x TrampHV 600mW 5.8GHz Video Transmitter (SMA)
  • 1x ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz SpiroNET Antennas RHCP (SMA)



This quadcopter comes with a FrSky X4R-SB receiver preinstalled. It requires a compatible radio controller like the FrSky Taranis to operate.


This package does not come with FPV goggles or FPV receiver. The video transmitter in this kit is compatible with most analog FPV goggles/receivers currently available. FatShark Dominator or Attitude series FPV goggles are recommended for the best experience.



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11 Reviews

  • 5
    high quality build

    Posted by Ken Dubois on Feb 9th 2018

    I've been wanting to get this drone for a while they've been sold out emailed me as soon as they were in stock ordered it shipped the next day. When I received it I was extremely happy the time and effort that went into the build you can really tell the detail that was taken binding straight to my controller and it flew right out of the box very impressed what their customer service and their store I will be purchasing from them again. highly recommended

  • 3
    Need accessories(not included) to operate this drone

    Posted by renzo on Sep 18th 2017

    Please Post a link for the other items required to operate/fly this drone:
    1.- FPV receiver compatible with this drone
    1.- FPV receiver antenna compatible with this drone (i got the Dominator HD3 Modular 3D FPV)
    2.- Required LiPo charger compatible with this drone included batteries.

    I bought these items from your store already:
    1.- FatShark Dominator HD3 Modular 3D FPV Headset with no receiver or antenna
    2.- Taranis X9D Plus TX with Soft Case (Mode 2) - As sold by your store

  • 5
    Alien RR5

    Posted by jason allen on Sep 16th 2017

    Love it

  • 5
    Pre built RR5

    Posted by Danny wenzel on Aug 2nd 2017

    Just wanted to say something about the pre built Alien RR5 I got last Christmas it is still flying awesome and I fly it almost everyday ....

  • 5

    Posted by Casey Welzig on May 3rd 2017

    I just received mine in the mail last week. I absolutely love it. I really don't need to say much else. Flies like a dream.

  • 5
    Alien 5

    Posted by christophe leroy on Apr 26th 2017

    superbe quad et beaux montage TJ Williams merci .

  • 5
    1 Rolex or dozens of replacements?

    Posted by Michael Hightower on Apr 26th 2017

    Understanding Energy; When something is being created, the intention of the builder is programmed into such creation. That Energy becomes the force within the created thing.
    From the darkness of Mind comes forth greatness or its opposite. Everything is Energy and this " RR5 Alien Build" is transmutation genius.

    With that being said, Y'all put "lots of Love" in this mechanical build! I am free at last!!! This is what you do, and you love doing it. I felt the quality of this new buddy of mine when I first held it. Anything can be critiqued but how significant are opinions? Hindsight is 20/20. This Alien build will only ever produce Love for the owner because because it originated from a Love that the freedom of flying continues to produce.
    For this reason, I chose to have the RR crew build mine. I will learn from all that they put into this build. Thanks for sharing and facilitating growth. This is why its called a "build." From here I grow. Thank You Rotor Riot!!!

    It not how much you pay for a thing, its what it does for you that determines its true value.

  • 4
    Painful shipping times

    Posted by Justin on Mar 1st 2017

    Ordered Feb 4th, 2017, delivered Feb 28th. Makes me wonder if these are being built in China and shipped to us? Haven't got to flown mine yet due to recent storms here in Cali. Solder joints look good and everything else is aesthetically pleasing. Again, will update review after first flight, hopefully this week!

  • 5
    Pre built Alien RR5

    Posted by Danny Wenzel on Feb 28th 2017

    just wanted to say that i really like this quad it is the best one to me flys awesome i have more than 100 flights and it is still in one peace ....kiss fc and esc's are new to me really nice

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