Racelite LEDs for Racewire Mini

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These require WhitenoiseFPV Racewire Mini's to be used. They will not work with the Regular size. You solder them on to the pads and then solder on your motor wires. You can Place them on the bottom of your arms and wire them up to the boards on top. I use 30awg wire to run to the bottom boards. You need to insulate against the carbon for anything touching the carbon. Buy 8 if would want to light up your whole quad. There are pads to Allow you to wire up additional Racelites to the bottom of your Arms. Use the pads labeled "1,2,3" and wire them to the same pads on the second racelite. You do not need Racewire for the Bottom Racelite boards. You must insulate the bottom of the boards though. 

RaceWire Mini is 8x25mm long. These Fit onto of the racewire mini. They solder on the motor pads at both ends. I would suggest soldering them together prior to putting them on your frame.  

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