RDQ XT30 Smoke Stopper

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  • RDQ XT30 Smoke Stopper
  • RDQ XT30 Smoke Stopper
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We're proud to partner with Bengineering Labs to bring you this awesome life saver! Quickly know whether your quad has a short, and protect it from certain peril. By plugging this in between your battery and your quad, you can limit the current getting to your quad. If the LED is on, there is no short. If the LED is faded, blinking, or off, then there is a short and you should check your quad. This is a great tool, but we recommend you pair it with the use of a multimeter to check for shorts to be sure you are not going to toast your precious goods!

The RDQ Smoke Stopper uses a Resettable fuse (PPTC). Connectors are high quality Amass XT30's.


  • 1x RDQ Smoke Stopper XT-30


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