Rotor Riot CL1 Frame

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  • Rotor Riot CL1 Frame
  • Rotor Riot CL1 Frame
  • Rotor Riot CL1 Frame
  • Rotor Riot CL1 Frame

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An original air frame that everyone can afford. The CL1, was designed in collaboration with the Rotor Riot community. We took pilots’ input and implemented their what they wanted into this design. Low cost, durable, and functional.


  • Community collaborated design
  • High strength carbon fiber pieces
  • True-x arm lay out
  • 5 inch prop support
  • Forward facing motor protection
  • Mounting holes for both 30.5×30.5 and 20×20 boards
  • Additional 20×20 mounting in rear section
  • Slots for accessory mounting

  • Weight: 142 grams

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11 Reviews

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    CL1 Frame

    Posted by Jesse on Feb 18th 2019

    For the price, it's a fantastic style. For durability, I have a similar issue others have noted. The bottom plate of the frame cracked where it meets the front and back of the arms. It's like it is too sharp an edge and suffered some bending stress that "cut" the carbon fiber of the bottom plate, allowing it to crack. My solution is to file down the corner of the arms to create a bevel, but I can't find a replacement bottom plate anywhere yet. I will stick with the frame and my modification, and recommend everyone does this during their build before the initial flight. I would love to see a thicker bottom plate AND beveled edges on the arms. Even for $5 more on the frame, it would be an awesome value. Overall would definitely buy again, just take a couple extra minutes on the initial build to round the edges.

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    CL1 frame

    Posted by Jesse Rodriguez on Sep 3rd 2018

    Great budget frame. Feels rugged and carbon looks good. Only con is the 30mm standoffs are getting changed out for some 20mm. The arms had very sharp edges, budget frame I understand. A few minutes with a file and it was good to go. A great frame!

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    Cl1 Frame

    Posted by Bartleby Fpv on Aug 31st 2018

    Frame came as expected. Easy to build. Looks good. Camera mounts didnt work well with my caddx micro. Runcam swift mini fits perfect. Will buy again. Rotor riot delivers very fast

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    CLI frame

    Posted by Elijah wolfe on Aug 29th 2018

    Have not put together yet but arms are thick seem like full 5mm cons about this is will have purchase motor screws will leave full review after the build

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    CL1 frame

    Posted by HyJinksFPV on Aug 27th 2018

    I am a budget kwad guy, mostly cause of cashflow. That being said, I picked this frame up. I have been flying it for about a month, I have the brain3d accessory kit also. I have bashed this frame unintentionally often. To my surprise, NOTHING has happened to it. I hit a pole so hard it broke all four screws (plastic) holding my stack together. This frame is a tank! I love it! Only cons I can think of is no 6" arms available for purchase. Great for anyone wanting to push themselves without snapping an arm or plate. Thank you Rotor Riot for this budget/quality frame.

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    For a Budget frame - its good enough

    Posted by david hinds on Aug 23rd 2018

    I've now gone through 2 frames and have flown at least 15-20 packs on each.
    5mm arms - very tough and haven't broken one yet
    Recessed holes on arms to protect hardware supporting FC
    Pressed nuts on bottom plate makes building and swapping parts a lot easier!!

    2mm bottom plate has broke twice for me now in crashes that shouldn't have yielded a broken bottom plate - its too thin and too weak because of this.
    30mm standoffs - too tall and height/color options would be nice

    Thats it. overall it flies great and is pretty durable - for a budget frame. if this was a $85+ frame it would get 1 star from me. If RR changes the thickness of the bottom plate and adds height and color options (not holding my breath) I'd be happy to change this review to 5 stars. Overall pleased given the price-point tho. Happy flying all!!

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    Awesome Frame

    Posted by Winfred Santiago on Aug 23rd 2018

    This frame is amazing! after 2 years swapping from frame to frame trying to find the right one for my taste, this is IT, especially for the bang you get for your buck.

    This frame is a tank and I'm loving the true x configuration. Only thing I didn't like was the height so I dropped the standoffs down to 20mm and IT FELT LIKE FLYING AN ARMATTAN CHAMELEON FOR THE FIRST TIME

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    Rotor Riot CL1 Frame

    Posted by Bill DeVries on Aug 9th 2018

    Overall this is a nice solid frame, The construction was pretty simple and straight forward and the end result is a nice rigid frame with good camera protection and solid flight characteristics. My biggest complaint on it, and the only reason its not a five star rating, is that the camera mounting solution is really flimsy and didn't fit my full sized Foxeer monster very well. I ended up having to reverse it and put it on the second set of stand off's and even then its still not ideal. I've since designed my own setup and printed it out to gain some rigidity. Camera mount aside it is a solid frame that should last me through some serious crashes.

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    Excelente frame

    Posted by Luis MagFly on Aug 9th 2018

    Un frame de muy buen aspecto, se ve extremadamente durable con sus 5mm en los brazos y 2mm en la placa base y superior.
    Un poco estrecho entre los postes frontales y traseros por lo que se dificulta montar una runcam swift aunque lo logre quedando entre 25 y 30 grados de inclinacion sin mucho espacio para que se mueva. En la parte trasera no hay espacio suficiente para el unify hv pro asi que intentare con un v3. Los agujeros para los motores tienen una sola medida por lo que se requiere una pequeña modificacion para poner cualquier motor sin mucho rollo.
    Me gustaria que viniera con tornilleria para montar la electronica en el stack y de perdida almoadillas de aterrizaje.
    En fin muy buena opcion para un dron de principante o para mas avanzados para practicar nuevos trucos riesgosos sin miedo a dañarlo. Muy resistente. Precio excelente!!!

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