"The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)

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  • "The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)
  • "The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)
  • "The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)
  • "The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)
  • "The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)
  • "The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)
  • "The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)
  • "The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)
  • "The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)
  • "The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)
  • "The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)
  • "The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)
  • "The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)
  • "The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)
  • "The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)
  • "The Remix" FPV Freestyle Frame by ummagawd (Gold)


The Ummagawd Remix FPV Freestyle Frame

Our team pilot Tommy Tibajia dreamed of something that existing FPV frames were not able to provide - a truly balanced quad with most of the weight as close to the CG as possible. After over half a year of design work and testing, as well as many iterations of prototypes, Tommy’s dream has come true.

The Ummagawd Remix FPV Frame, unofficially dubbed “the Ummakwad”, has been designed to put most of the weight of the quad as close as possible to the center of gravity. It was no easy task to rethink the way traditional mini quads are built, but the end result looks and performs extremely well!


In order to centralize the weight, the electronic components are installed under the center plate, and the battery is placed sideways across the top of the frame. This gets the bulk of the mass in the very center of the frame and in line with the propellers, the source of thrust. Centralized 4 in 1 ESC systems are favored for this build, to maintain the theme of centralized weight distribution.

Ummagawd's recommended choice of FC/ESC stack: 
Hobbywing XRotor F4 MicroCube Flight Controller + 40A 4-in-one ESC

See related items below for more recommended parts!


Unlike some frames on the market, the Remix frame is super easy to work on. The bottom cover plate opens like the hood of a car, giving easy access to the electronics stack for building and repair. The arms are also really easy to replace when the limits you are pushing push back on your quad.

The FPV camera on the Ummagawd Remix is mounted in a carbon rollcage of sorts - so it’s protected from crashes that might otherwise destroy the camera or lens. The rollcage is angled upwards, so that it can allow high camera tilt - making it suitable for both freestyle and racing. The rollcage also serves as a tilted mount for a GoPro Session camera, so you’re one step closer to getting great HD footage!

Another interesting feature of the Ummagawd Remix frame is the slot on each arm for the motor wires. They keep the motor wires from sliding around over the edge of the arm, and prevent damaged or bent propellers from cutting the motor wires.


The Ummagawd Remix does not fall short when it comes to good looks. Not only does it have titanium screws and gold anodised hardware, but it also has custom designed aluminum parts and a high quality battery pad. The carbon fiber used is top notch quality, and the chamfered edges that make the Remix feel great to the touch.



  • TrueX Motor Layout

  • Well-balanced Layout

  • Durable and Lightweight Design

  • High Quality Carbon Fiber with Chamfered Edges

  • Gold Anodized Hardware

  • Custom CNC Aluminum parts

  • Quick Access to electronics compartment

  • Adjustable FPV Camera Mount

  • Top Mounted Battery

  • Exchangeable Arms

  • Grade 2 Titanium Hardware


     “Definitely flies better… and it behaves very well. Huge difference from my other frames, I prefer the remix 1000x”

     “The frame has really good flight properties”




The first production batch includes "skid discs". These skid discs are optional, they are intended to be an aftermarket accessory for those who want to do some heavy skidding with their kwad. The idea is that the discs would wear out before the carbon sled. In fact, you could also use a metal washer or even titanium for some cool sparks!
The included instruction manual is an older version, don't freak out... it still has all of the info you need to build... it's just slightly confusing about an optional feature. There is a single m3x14mm bolt showing behind the session plate. This is NOT needed to put together the frame and is actually there for future after market accessories created by 3d print manufacturers... Futureproofing! 
Tolerances: you might find it difficult to get the m3 locknuts into the carbon. In fact, it might even seem impossible. Don't worry... it just takes some light filing to press it in. It's suggested that you take only a few passes with the file and test fit. When designing these parts, we have to take into account manufacturing tolerances of both the carbon as well as the locknuts. It's important these locknuts are a tight fit, otherwise you risk it spinning when you tighten them down. Worst case scenario, you also file the locknuts as well... but we have not run into that situation. We would rather it be a tight fit, than to have something too loose.
The bottom rear back plate will be a bit loose. The reason is because the slots holding that plate in is designed for a future expansion board (LED board, buzzer/mic, etc.). The standard PCB board thickness is 1.6mm, the blank plate included is 1.5mm. It does not lend to the structural integrity of the frame and so it being loose, is OK. We just wanted to include a blank frame in case you found a use for it, or wanted to attach the license plate sticker included in the kit!
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23 Reviews

  • 5
    Hands down my favorite frame

    Posted by Chris McKay on May 28th 2018

    I've cycled through a fair amount of frames. I seem to love giving poles and rocks hugs with my drone. This frame is amazing at taking a hit. Yes that carbon fiber breaks. Just like any other frame. But the design is phenomenal at protecting components. I love the top mounted center of gravity positions, the hinged belly to access the internals easily with just two screws. There are few frame in my opinion worth this kind of money. This is one of them for sure.

  • 5
    My fave frame!

    Posted by koral on May 24th 2018

    Amazing frame, perfect center of mass, very light, great looking.
    I like how you flip it over and open the belly to operate on the electronics, then close and go.
    minor drawback: the GoPro pushes on the battery.
    Best feature: lands flat, not on the battery. safest landing in very long time :)

  • 3
    Maybe the V2 will be stronger

    Posted by Michael Molina on May 24th 2018

    I want to love this frame. I feel like it could be a little stronger. The carbon on the bottom plate could be thicker. I only fly in Fields and around grass and the way this frame has broken I can’t imagine flying it through a Bando. I had to replace a broken arm, OK, no big deal. On another crash I noticed that the bottom plate had broken. It’s a great modular design so I can easily fix it, and crash and rebuild is part of flying, but my other frame can take much more of a beating. It’s a great freakin design though and if built right components are easily accessible. I feel like I have to be able to fly like Tommy to keep it whole though.

  • 1
    Cheap carbon

    Posted by Steve Almas on May 7th 2018

    Delaminated arm after one crash into a LAWN!!!!
    Piece of junk. Waste of money.

  • 3
    I’m looking at propellers in HD.

    Posted by Steve Almas on May 5th 2018

    CG objectives were clearly accomplished. Flies smooth and predictable.. but at price. This frame is useless for HD video. The bottom 20% of the GoPro field of view is plagued with propellers.
    Gutting mine and selling this frame to pay for one that is actually Useful to a freestyle pilot.

  • 5
    Excellent Frame

    Posted by Brad S on Apr 27th 2018

    Well built frame with some very nice and useful features. Excellent center of gravity and flies amazingly. Proud to be an owner of such a good looking kwad.

  • 3
    Great frame, great looks, but..

    Posted by Mario on Apr 24th 2018

    I took my sweet time selecting my next kwad and finally settled on this because looks are important to me. Not the easiest build, and did not arrive as pictured which is why I only gave it 3 starsUnfortunately for me, the frame did not come with gold hardware, but rather a rust colored set. very very disappointing. Give me gold or give me death!
    The rest of it is exactly what you'd expect, all claims of performance are true.

  • 4
    Good but not great

    Posted by Daniel Price on Apr 9th 2018

    Love the frame and the way it flies, but I would like to see the LED tail board included as well as a way to mount a micro camera (3D printed https://www.innovativelayers.com/product-page/ummagawd-remix-micro-camera-mount)

  • 4
    Magic carpet ride

    Posted by Kelly on Mar 18th 2018

    Finally got it up and flying and It flys sooo smooth. Tubles and twists in the air with grace and balance. Granted this is my first premium build so it's like jumping from driving a Kia to a Tesla I reckon. That being said the only reason I gave it 4 stars is the electronics bay I guess you could call it, is just slightly to small. I'm running a VTX Flight controller combo to save room and a 4in one 40amp esc and it's such a tight fit with bobbins on the FC had to shave a little CF off the bottom cover so that it closed. Also the mounting holes for the camera are not all that universal. My foxeer can only have one screw on each side. Hasent really moved on my flights so not to much of a big deal. Other than that the frame is awesome quality. The CF is some of the nicest i have seen and the fit is almost flawless. Over all I am supper happy with this frame and it makes me feel like a baby Sharpu.I am definitely not but we can all dream!
    My setup:
    T motor F60 III
    HGLRC F4 V5 pro AIO
    DALRC Engine 40amp 4in one esc
    Foxeer sparrow (I think)
    APC super supper X 4 blade props (so good!)
    Tattoo 1800 75c 4s.
    Futaba 14sg

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