XHover Stingy V2 FPV Freestyle Frame

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  • XHover Stingy V2 FPV Freestyle Frame
  • XHover Stingy V2 FPV Freestyle Frame
  • XHover Stingy V2 FPV Freestyle Frame
  • XHover Stingy V2 FPV Freestyle Frame
  • XHover Stingy V2 FPV Freestyle Frame
  • XHover Stingy V2 FPV Freestyle Frame
  • XHover Stingy V2 FPV Freestyle Frame
  • XHover Stingy V2 FPV Freestyle Frame


Xhover is very proud to announce the release of the new Stingy V2 Frame, a frame that is the culmination of Team Pilot Kevin Dougherty’s experience in FPV and the advancements of flight technology and improvement to onboard electronics. In the past couple of years there have been so many onboard electronics advances that it was absolutely necessary to update the Stingy frame. The current field of micro cams produce great images while reducing the footprint needed on the quad.  With a smaller camera there is no need for a large cut out in the main plate.  Because of this fact, we were able to design a much more robust frame to stand up to the racing demands most pilots put on their quads.

To keep things compact and light, we integrated a soft mount solution for the 20 x 20 FC and Vtx hardware, while keeping an option for the 30 x 30 stacks as well.  Regardless of the build configuration you have, XHover has an entire line of 3D printed mounts to ensure the perfect fit for any and all of your flight hardware.

The absolute advantage of the Stingy V2 is in the flight performance.  The V2 flies balanced because of the wide stance with a true X configuration.  This wide stance and lower center of gravity contributes to a solid flight stability in the air and on the course.

Kevin Dougherty said it best “The original Stingy was the culmination of my experience in FPV and what I envisioned as the perfect frame for me. I stand by that statement and still consider it an excellent frame. However, much like a stingers swarm flight, technology does not slow its pace. I have seen so many improvements to the electronics that I felt it was time to update the Stingy to take advantage of those improvements.” 

The bottom line is that it’s the little things that make a big difference when flying  The Stingy V2 has stout 5mm arms that can take a solid hit and continue on, but if needed, are easy to replace.  The soft mount 20 x 20 stack insulates all your electronics from many types of impacts.  When all is said and done, you’ll find that the Stingy V2 can stand up to the demands that racers put on their quads on a daily basis.


  • Soft Mount for FC on the 20x20 stack.
  • 20mm Standoffs
  • Sticky Battery Pad
  • Top Mount Battery
  • Durable Arms 
  • Plenty of Room for a Nice, Clean, Compact Build
  • Easy Single Arm Replacement 


  • 1x Stingy V2 
  • 1x Set of High-Quality Steel Hardware
  • 1x Battery Strap
  • 1x ESC Sticker Sheet
  • 4x Foam Landing Pads
  • 1x Sticky Battery Pad by Ummagawd Company, Designed Specifically for the Stingy V2
  • 1x 3D Printed Camera Mount Attachment 
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3 Reviews

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    Loving True X

    Posted by TrexHeli Pilot on Jan 28th 2019

    This frame is amazing. Compact in height. Chamfered all round so you don't have to worry about cut wires or tearing your battery straps. No extra width required as it fits micro cameras. Yet with all this, there is plenty of space for you to lay out your components without needing a masters degree in electronics. I find that the wide stance of the true X frames has another advantage, they run much quieter than squashed X-Frames as there is less turbulence from the interaction of the props. While this might not matter to some, this can have a huge impact on those of us who fly in public parks early in the morning.

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    Stingy V2

    Posted by Cricket on Dec 18th 2018

    If your looking for a super tough frame this is the one for you . I’ve been throwing this thing through every concrete/ metal buildings and still have yet to break it . Great job Stingy

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    When will Xhover figure it out?

    Posted by Pickles on Nov 21st 2018

    Dear Xhover,Please stop chamfering the inside edge of the arms where they interlock . Thank you.

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